Five on 05: December

2015 has come and gone but this edition of Five on 05 is giving you some of the best online beauty content I came across in December. Grab your glass of wine & get comfortable because there's a lot of beauty stories and how-tos in your very near future.

So Worth Loving

Sometimes we need a reminder about how incredible we are. We need a refresher on what makes us unique and why that’s the best part of us. So Worth Loving is a great place to start.

So Worth Loving is a lifestyle movement that’s focusing on incredible stories of love, acceptance, and the beauty of individuality. You definitely need to check out their blog and maybe go buy a shirt or three!


Winnie Harlow

Winnie is a badass. A true role model in every sense of the word. 

This story hits close to home because my brother has Vitiligo and I know exactly how it can affect one’s self esteem. Read about her and her incredible story over at CNN. 


Tricks To Fake A Glow During Winter

It’s cold and that can leave your skin feeling dry and dull. Check out Byrdie’s tricks for a gorgeous glow during these colder months.

FYI: It’s okay to laugh at the price tag on the first product, “radiant base” by RéVive. I’m sure it’s perfect for some but I have a feeling you guys aren't the type to justify a $245 moisturizer. Check out Embryolisse Lait Creme for dry to combination and Hydra Matte for oilier skin types.  Just sayin’.


Monika Blunder's Gigi Hadid Makeup Look

There are so many reasons to check this link out but I’ll mention three.

  1. Monika Blunder is a makeup goddess and if you’ve never seen her work or watched her in action, you need to a.s.a.p.
  2. Gigi Hadid is a beauty and this makeup look is inspired by her. Think light, flirty & fun!
  3. Drugstore makeup. Yep. I said it. She uses drugstore makeup to create the look which means you’ll be able to find affordable products that to add to your makeup stash!

Floss Gloss: Nail Polish That Packs A Punch

I heard about this nail lacquer line from a friend and was told I needed to try them. They're long lasting and come in a variety of unique, vivid colors. I'm also partial to their website. Just check it out for yourself! (Smoke On The Nail will be in my very near future)

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