April Wild Child Session: LaBrea (part one)

When I think about a perfect day things like exploring a new place, making up a beautiful face, and spending time with close friends comes to mind. That's why perfection is the only word I can come up with to describe a gorgeous Saturday I spent with two ladies last April.

LaBrea is a beautiful woman. The kind of beautiful that stops both men and women on the street. She has legs for days and a killer figure. She's up for anything and is the first to say yes when asked to try something new. 

With that said, Alex and I talked her into climbing a little known mountain in Atlanta just before sunrise. It was magical.

We had the opportunity to pull some pieces for Electric Revival Vintage for this shoot. We chose pieces like the black jacket, shown above, and a number of dresses and shorts. We also recently worked with ERV on a shoot for their Spring/Summer ad campaign. I can't wait to show everyone the finish product!

The location was incredible. Pools of water on this alien landscape gave life to red flowers that grew right in the middle of them. Wildflowers sprinkled the rocks, wherever they could get their footing. The views were stunning, with rolling hills and pine trees for miles. It felt like we were the first people to ever have stood on top of this incredible mountain. It was the perfect spot for a Wild Child Session. LaBrea was able to relax and feel comfortable in her skin. 

Stay tuned for part two of our April Wild Child Session.


Until next time...


HMUA: Margaret Snider Makeup Artistry

Photography: Alex McClelland Photography

Model: LaBrea Rashad

Black Jacket: Electric Revival Vintage