Makeup Trends: Spring 2015 Off The Runway

It may not feel like it outside but Spring is right around the corner. Warmer weather means lighter clothing, less layers, and new makeup options. Keep reading for the trends I picked off the runway for the upcoming season. 



Purple popped up all over the runway for Spring this year. In varying shades from lavender to plum, this royal color was a stand out. 

Using a light lavender shadow on your top lid only, blending well, and blurring the edges will give you a fresh look for spring. If you want to go with an edgier, sexy look just choose a shade with pink or red undertones and smoke it on your lower lash line, in addition to your mobile lid. This smokey eye is perfect for a date night and is fresh and edgy, compared to your traditional smokey eye with blacks, grays, and browns. 

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I could go on for days about lashes. I think they can truly enhance any look, based on how you apply mascara or false lashes. There are so many different brands of lashes; I can't name them all in this post. That's for another day. 

If you're going for a work appropriate look that just enhances whatchya momma gave ya then purchase a mascara that packs on volume without clumping. For a date night, I suggest using individual false lashes instead of a strip lash. The finished look is natural and the falsies are indistinguishable from your real lashes. For the show stopping lash, go for mink strip lashes. You just can't go wrong with them. They create drama in the right way and are reusable as long as you don't put mascara on them after applying them to your eye. 

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Strong liner. Fresh face. Little color. The End.

No, but seriously... Graphic liner is one of my favorite ways to play up the eye. It's great for a night out but can be toned down to suite the office. Pair this look with a flawless, light to medium coverage foundation, a neutral blush, nude lip, and a bit of highlighter. You just can't go wrong. 

My biggest tip is to practice this look before getting ready for an event or for work. It take some time to get a graphic liner look right. Just be patient and applaud yourself when you get both eyes to match!

- Pro tip: don't use a kohl liner to achieve this look. It will be harder to get the precise lines and will only induce tantrums and headaches. Trust me on this one!

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This look screams Spring to me! I love that the makeup artists chose to keep the face, including the eyes, neutral and dewy. It lays such a beautiful foundation for the showstopper- the lips. 

My favorite way to apply a bold lip, which can be difficult to wear without worrying about those perfect lines and the color bleeding into fine lines, is to swipe the lipstick onto the center of your lip and then use your finger to dab the product toward the edges. This creates dimension because it diffuses the color without sacrificing the gorgeous color! (I'd only use lipstick if you're going to try this technique, since it will blend properly). 

If you're going for a crisper line, try a liquid lipstick. They stay in place like super glue and leave a matte to satin finish for 8-12 hours. 

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It's so exciting to see so many fresh faced looks on the runway for the upcoming season! I could fill another 5 blog posts full of other trends that were noteworthy. Instead, I'm going to save some of those for another day! Until then, try out one of the trends that stood out to you! It's always fun when you can play with your makeup and create a look you've never tried before!

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