Five on 05: November

It's time for another Five on 05. Here's what caught my eye on the internet last month!


There's so much to learn from Frida but I often find that people only associate her with a unibrow and a Halloween costume here and there. She's so much more than that. 

She's a woman that embraced what made her "Frida", unibrow and all. Her confidence, passion, and drive is something all of us can learn from. 

Give this article a quick read to find out a bit more about her. You'll want to know even more when you're done. 

6 Surprising Blush Colors

It's easy to get into a blush rut. You grab for the same color every day and don't think twice. Why limit yourself?

This article breaks down a great list of blushes, both high and low end, that look bold in the package and beautiful on the skin!

The Portrait To End All Portraits

Annie Leibovitz. Amy Schumer. Underwear and lattes. 

Sometimes life is less than perfect. Sometimes you lack the flat tummy. Sometimes your liner isn't perfect (I know you know what I'm talking about) but guess what... that's okay.

Amy Schumer reminds us all of that in this incredible portrait. Grab a latte, put on some killer heels, and take over the world!

6 Things Models Do To Achieve Flawless Skin

Sometimes it isn't about what you're putting on your skin. It's what your doing to keep your skin clean and fresh! 

Click over to to read up on skincare tips and tricks from esthetician-to-the-stars, Ildi Pekar. 

Everyday Makeup with Hung Vanngo

If you read my monthly Five on 05 posts you already know about my love for all things Hung Vanngo. He's what I like to call a makeup rockstar and he can do no wrong in my book.

He created a fresh, easy look and provides a step-by-step in the article. Click it and pump up your everyday makeup routine!

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