The #1 Reason You Should Hire A Makeup Artist for Special Events

Beauty blunders occur. Even makeup artists have them. Most of the time, the reason why those terrible makeup moments happen on the red carpet and in everyday life is a lack of knowledge and understanding of the products you're working with. 

Not all products work all of the time and these pictures prove that. 

It's important to book a makeup artist for events where you'll be photographed because there are plenty of products that contain ingredients that give flashback in pictures. The right makeup artist will know how to apply the right products to avoid those embarrassing pictures. 

An article on this website provides examples of one type of issue you may run into if you don't hire a makeup artist who has the right products and knowledge. Flashback is not only obvious and embarrassing in pictures but it's a very common problem. SPF is in a large number of foundations and causes the dreaded ghostly cast that many people see in pictures taken at night. 

Makeup artists aren't just for bridal parties. If you're an attendee of a wedding or even going to a cocktail event or black tie affair you're going to be photographed. It's an opportunity to have professional pictures taken of you with family, friends, or your significant other. Why wouldn't you want your makeup to look it's best? 

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