July Serenbe Shoot: Sarah

It wasn’t too long ago that the air was thick with the heat of summer. Lazy days lead to warm nights, filled with endless possibilities. It was on one of those days that I had the pleasure of spending time with two incredible women that I’m lucky enough to call my friends.

Sarah, a coworker of mine, is an enigma. Not only is she the kindest person you’ll ever meet, but her beauty is impossible to miss. She reached out to one of my closest friends, Alex McClelland, to do a styled shoot. When Sarah asked me to do her makeup for the shoot I was thrilled!

Alex and I decided on a very ethereal, natural look for Sarah throughout the entire shoot. We wanted her to feel comfortable in her own skin and truly enjoy the entire experience. I set up “shop” in my apartment and got to work. I decided to go with a golden eye to enhance her hazel eyes and a muted pink lip to match her rosy cheeks. She made my job incredibly easy, with her high cheekbones and stunning eyes.

We hopped in the car and took a short drive 45 minutes south of Atlanta, where soaring pines and rolling hills made up the backdrop for this magical afternoon shoot. We were lucky enough to take advantage of the 'golden hour', with warm light streaming in between the trees.

I can say, without a doubt, that on a beautiful day in late July I made unforgettable memories with both of these ladies. It’s always a treat for me to help someone to see the beauty in themselves that is already obvious to others. 


Photography: Alex McClelland

Makeup: Margaret Snider

Concept & Styling: Margaret Snider and Alex McClelland